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Gas Metal Arc Welding, also known as MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding, is a wire-feed, torch-welding process by which a consumable wire, acting as both filler and electrode, is mechanically fed into the weld zone with a shielding gas.

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding. A gas shielded welding method where the heating is produced using a non-consumable tungsten electrode to transfer the arc to the work piece.

Stick (SMAW)
Shielded Metal Arc Welding. Also known as stick welding. This process uses a powder coated welding rod placed in a holder that is arced against the base metal.

Large stick or multi-process welders are able to operate independent of input power and are powered by a gasoline, diesel, or LPG engine instead. Ideal for construction sites and places where power is unavailable.

Wire Feeders
The wire feeder is device powered by a motor that pushes the wire from the reel through the torch to the welding zone.

Submerged Arc (SAW)
Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) is a common arc welding process. It requires a continuously fed consumable solid or tubular (flux cored) electrode. The molten weld and the arc zone are protected from atmospheric contamination by being “submerged” under a blanket of granular fusible flux. When molten, the flux becomes conductive, and provides a current path between the electrode and the work.

Spot Welders
Usually made on materials having some type of overlapping joint design. Can refer to resistance, MIG or TIG spot welding. Resistance spot welds are made from electrodes on both sides of the joint, while TIG and MIG spots are made from one side only.

Plasma Cutters
A constricted cutting arc is created by this machine, which easily slices through metals. A high velocity jet of ionized gas removes molten material from the application.

Advanced Systems
Whether you're looking at systems for a new platform or looking to retrofit existing work cells—either for robotic, automated or semi-automatic applications—there is an AMS expert ready to work with you. We'll start by listening to your immediate welding needs, then determine if a Miller / ITW solution also improves throughput, repeatability and quality in upstream and downstream operations. Our goal is simple: focus our welding expertise to help you produce a quality welded component at the lowest possible cost.



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